Audi Q5 Car Key Replacement

Car Key Replacement – Audi Q5

Replacing your car keys used to be cheap but thanks to modern security with transponder technology getting a replacement key can cost as little as $300 at the dealership. At Sundial Locksmith we can replace your keys and remotes much quicker and it won’t hurt your pocket. If you have one key and are looking to get a spare we can match the signal in your current transponder key with programming starting at $85. If you’re in a situation where you’re completely keyless then we can reset the computer in your car to receive a new signal.

Proximity Keys/Smart Keys – Audi Q5

Found in your modern ‘Push-to-Start’ cars these keyless start vehicles require a special kind of technology within their remote and these keys start at $150.

These keys are often referred to as:

  •      Intelligent Key
  •      Keyless Access
  •      Keyless Entry
  •      Keyless Go
  •      Push Button Start
  •      Push-to-Start
  •      Smart Key

Transponder Keys – Audi Q5

These special kind of keys are in most post-2000 automobiles and they contain a special transmitter that tells your vehicle it has a genuine key in the ignition. This was designed to keep thieves from cutting a key to the same pattern as yours and using it to start your car. These keys start at $120. If your key has a plastic shroud around the key head you are more than likely dealing with a transponder key.


Metal Keys – Audi Q5

These keys are found in pre-2000 automobiles and start at $85. Our experts will find the correct key blank for your vehicle then we will cut the key after taking an impression from the ignition to make sure the key works properly with the wafers or pins from your vehicle. Once a rough key is made, we can decode the cuts to re-make the key on a key machine and then make as many duplicate car keys as you need.

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