Land Rover LR3 Car Key Replacement

Have you lost your Land Rover LR3 car key? Are you looking to get a duplicate key made for your Land Rover LR3? Get back on your way with minimal hassle, call Sundial Locksmith today! With us working with the most advanced programming tools in the market, Sundial Locksmith is the answer to any key or remote problems you may have. Our shop has the latest and most advanced technology on the market for automotive locksmith services.

Car Key Replacement – Land Rover LR3

If you are looking for a spare key for your Land Rover or if you’ve lost your Land Rover key, don’t go to the dealer and pay an arm and a leg… At Sundial Locksmith we can replace your Land Rover key much quicker and it won’t hurt your pocket.

Remote Flip Key – Land Rover LR3

land rover remote flip key replacement

These special kind of keys are in most post-2000 automobiles and they contain a special transmitter that tells your vehicle it has a genuine key in the ignition. This was designed to keep thieves from cutting a key to the same pattern as yours and using it to start your car.

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