4 Things to Know If You Have Lost Your Car Keys

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December 8, 2017

4 Things to Know If You Have Lost Your Car Keys

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It’s a Monday morning, you are walking towards your car, all set to drive to work while dropping your kids to school on the way there. When you reach down into your pockets to find your car keys, they aren’t there. You look for the lost car keys all around the house but to no avail.
Now you are probably standing in the parking lot, staring at your car wishing if you could open it with an “open sesame” chant.
Well, there’s no need to be so upset. Sundial Locksmith can solve the problem in a jiffy.
Having said this, there are some details that you need to make note of before you can get this done. And these are details that not many of you know!
Thankfully, to save any last minute hassle, let us tell you the 4 things you should know if you have lost your car keys and are thinking of calling Sun Sundial Locksmith for help.

1. The Vehicle’s VIN Number
The first information you must have on hand is your car’s VIN number which is located on the dashboard and in most cases is easily visible from the window. If you can’t find it in any of the two places, call Sundial Locksmith shop and ask us for instructions.

2. The Make And Model
The second most important thing to know is your cars make and model. Even the most professional and expert locksmith won’t be able to generate a duplicate key without knowing which car’s key they are forging.
Since most automobile companies introduce new versions of their cars every year, therefore it’s also advisable to know your cars make. All of the above information can be found in your car ownership documents.

3. Personal Details
The technician would also need your personal details including certifications showing your name, picture, home address – anything that helps them verify that you indeed are the owner of the car. After all, anyone could say that they lost their car keys in hope of stealing a car.
So it’s always better than the person who signed the purchase documents contacts the auto shop.

4. A Different Location
In case one loses their car keys in an unfamiliar area, where they don’t know any locksmith, it is recommended to contact Sundial Locksmith. Let us take control of the situation and provide you guidance on how to proceed.
We might send someone over to help or refer you to a locksmith we know in the area. In either case, if you’ve lost car keys, trust your locksmith’s judgment.


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