Can a Locksmith Make a Transponder Key?

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Can a Locksmith Make a Transponder Key?

Can a Locksmith Make a Transponder Key?

Very few vehicles come with non-transponder keys these days, so getting a replacement key is not as simple as it used to be. However, do not believe the dealerships’ claims that you can only get an effective extra from them. The simple answer to the question, “Can a locksmith make a transponder key?” is “Yes!” Here at Sundial Locksmith, we provide functional and reliable transponder keys for a wide variety of car, truck, and SUV makes and models.

What Is a Transponder Key?

Not every key with a plastic top with buttons is a transponder key. However, if you purchased your car in the last decade, chances are there is a microchip hiding inside the fob. These transponder keys connect the key digitally with a receiver inside the vehicle. This creates a direct and unique connection that provides an extra layer of security when you access your vehicle. If you do not use this key, the car will not open or start. If your transponder key stops working or you lose it, you need a solution fast to get you on the road again.

How Does Making a Transponder Key Work?

Part of making a transponder key functions the same way as old-fashioned metal keys. The locksmith still needs to cut the metal shaft into the correct shape for your vehicle’s doors and ignition. After that, things get technical. Only locksmiths with the right equipment and tools can make replacement transponder keys correctly. If you choose the right key specialists, you can save money and time instead of going to your car dealership.

Knowledgeable transponder key locksmiths can provide a replacement quickly and conveniently. They use approved key fobs direct from manufacturers with unique chips inside that allow communication between the key transponder and the vehicle itself. In order to do this, they need the vehicle identification number (VIN) and general information about the car. Using special technical tools, the locksmith creates an encrypted key that will work only for your vehicle just the same as the original transponder does.

Replacement or Spare Transponder Keys Matter

Although you could access your vehicle with an ordinary metal key, you will lose the bulk of functionality inherent in modern cars and light trucks. Besides the convenience of remote unlocking and other features, a transponder key gives more security than other options. Since the key aligns specifically with your unique vehicle, it provides safety against theft and break-ins to a greater degree than other key options.

If you have lost your transponder key, it has worn out or is not functioning optimally, or you simply want to spare, you will be happy to know that a locksmith can make a transponder key. The most important thing is to contact experienced professionals like our team at Sundial Locksmith who have the ability to work with these high-tech keys for a wide variety of car, SUV, and light truck makes and models. Can a locksmith make a transponder key? Yes. We can get you on the road again with convenient and secure access.

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