Locksmith Fraud in America – Beware These Locksmith Scams

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February 17, 2022

Locksmith Fraud in America – Beware These Locksmith Scams

Tips to Avoid Locksmith Scams

High degrees of stress and desperation occur when you lock yourself out of your car or the keys damaged and unusable. You want access fast, which leads to open to the rising risk of locksmith fraud in America. Unfortunately, far too many scam artists claim to be professional locksmith, collect your money, and failed to deliver on their promises. Once you understand how to identify this type of fraud and scams, you can make a better decision about who to trust with key needs.

Fake Locksmiths Collect Your Information

One of the primary reasons that locksmith fraud in America exists is because people will readily give their contact, vehicle, address, and financial information to people who promise help. Call centers in far-off countries pretend to be a local locksmith, advertise their number online, and gather information while failing to deliver any service at all.

How do you combat this type of fraud? Always triple check the company you choose before having out information. Look on multiple review sites and use Google Maps to make sure their business is actually where they claim. However, it is important to note that some locksmiths are mobile only. If they do not have a physical location, they should not claim a false one.

Pricing Scams and Locksmith “Blackmail”

Although unscrupulous locksmiths may not lie about the company existing in a fraudulent way, they still perpetrate scams that cheat you out of your money. Many advertisements quote a special price to get your attention. If you call and they then tell you it will cost a lot more, the red flags begin to wave.

Of course, it is not a scam to charge more for specialty or long-distance services. The locksmith has multiple expenses related to each job. It becomes a case of locksmith fraud in America when they use bait and switch methods that essentially hold access to your vehicle or property hostage until you pay a higher price than agreed upon.

Substandard, Fake, or Unsafe Keys and Products

Too many consumers fall prey to fraudulent activities that disguise themselves as the real thing. Even if you find a locksmith to replace your lost or damaged car or SUV key, beware scam artists who offer low-quality or fake products. This is especially important if you are getting a replacement key with a remote control or transponder chip inside. The last thing you want is to save money but end up with a key that either does not work or does not provide sufficient security by matching with the VIN of your car specifically.

Locksmith fraud in America is unfortunately a growing problem. As more cyber criminals and dishonest marketers find ways to get your identifying and financial information, they grow increasingly sophisticated in their methods. Protect yourself by seeking out reputable locksmith companies in your area. Read the reviews, verify price quotes and contract terms, look for all appropriate certifications, and only then make a decision to protect yourself and your property.

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