Dodge SRT Hellcat Red Key vs Black Key

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Dodge SRT Hellcat Red Key vs Black Key

What's the difference between red key and black key?

When it comes to muscle cars, many fans think back to the high horsepower classics of decades gone by. The Dodge SRT lineup, however, gives drivers options that cannot be classified as anything but pure muscle. One of the most in intriguing characteristics of the SRT Hellcat models is the use of two key types. These supercharged cars have a red key and a black key used at different times and for different purposes.

What’s the difference between red key and black key?

The simplest answer to this question is power. How much horsepower your Dodge Hellcat puts out depends on the key you use to start. The more sedate black key essentially puts a damper on the full potential of the older Hellcat models. Consider allowing less skilled or experienced drivers to use the black key ignition only. The differences are quite impressive. For example, a Challenger from 2015 would have 500 horsepower with the black key and 707 horsepower with the red key.

Besides straight up engine power, the red key and black key use leads to different information on the LED display screen on the dashboard. You can view data related to traction and suspension, paddle shifters, and more. These are the type of thing that only real muscle car aficionados would care about or understand. Although the differences hardly matter for public street use, it is something to appreciate for more expert and precision driving opportunities.

Do Hellcats have two different keys?

Yes. In fact, the presence of two keys is part of what defines their Hellcat models. Dodge Challengers and Chargers both come with supercharged engine options that make them fast and powerful. However, if you want something extraordinary, choose the red key versions. You will get up to 797 horsepower. The Dodge Durango from 2021 does not come with a red key option. Despite this, it still carries the Hellcat name. Ultimately the answer to this question depends on the specific model and the year of production.

What is the Red Key Dodge?

Red key Dodges are premium vehicles for people who want power, speed, quick acceleration, and attention. The Challengers and Chargers with both black and red keys cost tens of thousands of dollars more than their regular alternatives. One other difference of interest owners is the apparent difficulty of getting replacement keys of both types. In order to get a new Dodge SRT Hellcat red key or black key, you need to find an automotive locksmith with the experience and necessary equipment to program them precisely.

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