Should You Repair or Replace a Door Closer on a Commercial Door?

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Should You Repair or Replace a Door Closer on a Commercial Door?

When to Call the Door Closer Repair Service

A commercial door closer is commonplace in many settings but ignored until they stop working. These hydraulic mechanisms automatically closed doors without the person who walked through. A door closer can increase security energy efficiency by containing AC or heat and better control the interior environment. In many places, fire doors must have door closers by law. 

Door Closer Repair Service

In many cases, a door closer repair service is sufficient to bring your building back up to fire code compliance and control the interior environment. Door operators wear out after many uses. The internal mechanisms and joints are under much strain if the door opens and closes frequently. 

How do I choose a commercial door closer repair company?

When you look for the best hydraulic door closer repair company, ask them if they have the necessary parts and materials to repair the system if possible. If they always push for a replacement or completely new installation, the company may not be the best value for your money. Experts can adjust the majority of commercial door closer systems to change the maximum swing space of the door, the speed at which it closes again, and whether it closes hard enough to latch every time. These repairs are highly individual for both the door and the building’s needs. Excessively fast closure can make it difficult to navigate doorways and even cause personal injuries.

When You Need New Commercial Door Closer Installation?

If repair is not possible, you need to have a replacement door closer put in as soon as possible. Replacement is essential if the building exists where the fire regulations require them. Any commercial door control mechanisms options exist on the market. They differ in the location of the mount attachments, control speed for different sized doors, and the range of motion for easy access by personnel.

The main reasons to install a door closer include:

  • A new door that does not have a commercial door closer yet
  • The old door closer detached from the door
  • The hydraulics stopped working and no longer closed automatically
  • New environmental control needs exist
  • Fire marshal inspections state a need for installation or replacement

Whether you need to repair or replace a commercial door closer, contact experienced and reputable door closer installers near me to get the best service.

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