Get a New Kia Transponder Key

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Get a New Kia Transponder Key

How do I replace a lost Kia key?

Kia Key Replacement – Get a New Kia Transponder Key

Did you get locked out of your Optima or Sorrento? Maybe the remote on your Telluride Sportage does not unlock the doors anymore. Perhaps you just want to spare Kia key replacement for two drivers or just in case one gets lost. If you need to know how to get a copy of a Kia vehicle key, you might be surprised that there are more options than going to a dealership. In fact, when you choose a highly qualified company like Sundial Locksmith, you can get a copy of your Kia transponder key quickly and affordably.

How do I replace a lost Kia key?

If you need to know, ‘how do I get a copy of my Kia key,’ or need to replace one when your old one wears out, your best bet is to find a well-equipped automotive locksmith. It does not matter what model you own or its year. We offer key cutting, remote control access, and programmed transponder keys for all popular options.

The moment you lose it or the buttons on the key fob stop working effectively, contact the best automotive locksmith for help. If you have a functioning transponder but want an extra copy, we can help with that too. Give all the necessary details to your locksmith so they can help you as quickly as possible. It helps to choose one who has Kia replacement keys and fobs in stock so you never have to wait for parts shipments or find an off-brand product yourself.

How do you program a Kia transponder key?

Most cars manufactured in the past decade have transponder keys or at least remote controls in the key fob. If you want to ask, ‘Do it Kia keys have chips?’ the answer is yes. This microchip is a very common feature in all new vehicle makes and models. Popular Kia options like Cadenza, Forte, Rio, and Soul all use this modern type of key. Save time by giving this information to the locksmith when you first call for help.

This makes replacement more complicated than the old-fashioned way of simply cutting a metal key that matches your old one. However, Sundial Locksmith has a long track record of success using the latest equipment and parts to create and program a new Kia transponder key for you.

Transponder keys with microchips inside offer a unique level of security you cannot get with old-fashioned ones. These are programmed to match your vehicle specifically, so you need the car, truck, or SUV and the replacement key together to program them. In some cases, you may have to have your vehicle towed to the locksmith business. However, mobile locksmith services make this process so much easier. This is the only way to make the key communicate only with your vehicle. No one else can access your Kia car, and the key will never let you down in the future.

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