Lost Mailbox Keys

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November 9, 2018
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Lost Mailbox Keys

mailbox key and lock replacement

Did you recently move and weren’t given a mailbox key? Maybe you misplaced the only key to your mailbox? If you’ve lost the mailbox key ask the owner or property manager of your apartment or home for a replacement key before you call a locksmith. You should never try to pry open your mailbox because it’s against the law, and also because the USPS carriers can’t deliver mail to unlocked or unsecured boxes. If your mailbox is unsecured, delivery service may be suspended until your mailbox is repaired. Sundial understands how crucial having access to your mail is and provides same day service at an affordable price to change your lockout and replace your keys. Don’t break your head or waste your time trying to find a DIY solution because this requires a professional to ensure it’s properly done. Simply give us a call to schedule your service request with one of our friendly team members today, we are here to help.

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